Sheaf Of Firstfruits Speech

Today is a special day celebrating the Sheaf Of Firstfruits. This day represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus then ascended to the Father to be accepted on our behalf as firstborn from the dead. The agricultural harvests depict human resurrections from the dead. God plants, grows, and harvests his field of mankind. Before the great fall harvest, there is a firstfruits harvest. And before the firstfruits harvest is the sheaf of the firstfruits. The sheaf must be presented to the Lord every year and accepted before the rest of the harvest can be reaped. We are the rest of the harvest, the sheaf is Jesus Christ. The reaping of the sheaf represents Christ's resurrection from the dead. The waving of the sheaf before the Lord represents Jesus ascending to Heaven to be accepted by God on our behalf. Now that Jesus has ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of God, we now have a path to salvation of eternal life with God. Jesus's death reconciled us back to God. His resurrection gives us eternal life. Now that the sheaf, Jesus Christ, has been accepted by God on our behalf, the rest of the harvest can be reaped. We are the rest of the harvest.