Unleavened Bread Speech

Today is the 1st of 7 days of the Festival of Unleavened Bread. It is the 15th day of the 1st month, which is the day after Passover. This day is called a "high Sabbath" because it is both a weekly and annual Sabbath day at the same time. The Israelites left Egypt the night after Passover on the 15th. They were in a hurry and did not have time to allow their bread to leaven so they ate unleavened bread for 7 days. Leaven is what makes bread rise and be puffy. Unleavened bread is flat. The Israelites celebrated these 7 days as a memorial of when they left Egypt by removing leavened bread from their homes.

The spiritual reality of this type represented by the leaven is sin and false doctrine. The apostle Paul taught the symbolism of leaven as being sin. Jesus taught the symbolism of leaven as being false doctrine. The unleavened bread of the Passover represents Jesus. So Jesus was free of both sin and false doctrine. 

The 7 days represent the 7,000 years of mankind's history that we are to strive to remove sin and false doctrine from our lives. But now that Jesus died for our sins on Passover, should we keep on sinning? No, we should be motivated by his sacrifice for us to sacrifice for him by removing sin from our lives. God preserved for us the holy scriptures through much blood and persecution. So if we are to rid leaven from our lives, should we not study his word daily to rid the false doctrines from our minds? This is our effort to be more like him every day throughout our lives. This is all apart of the plan of God to redeem his people back to himself. So let us reflect these next 7 days on our sin and our false doctrines, and work to remove it from our lives to be more like Christ. But even more important than that, is to daily consume the unleavened bread of Christ. It's not about us and our efforts of removing sin and false doctrine, it's about what Jesus does in us when we commune with him. He wipes our slate clean without any effort on our part.