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What day is the Sabbath Day? Is it Saturday as most people suppose? Is it Sunday? Any day of your choosing? Everyday? Is Jesus our Sabbath rest? Or do scriptures reveal another truth? Perhaps God's true Sabbath day is only found by using the calendar God established in the scriptures.

Just a disclaimer for this page: I am a former sabbatarian. Today I believe that Jesus is our Sabbath rest. We rest in the finished work of Jesus and what he did by faith alone. I keep this page up for several reasons. I’ve done a ton of study on it and I find it historically and biblically interesting. I believe that if the Sabbath command were to remain in a specific day, we need to be able to nail that down perfectly. While I believe it is no longer in a specific day, but rather a specific person, most sabbatarians have the wrong day to begin with. Saturday was never the old covenant Sabbath. And most Lunar sabbatarians have the wrong day to begin with as well. And everything really boils down to when the new moon day is. The Sabbath is based on that as well as the feast days. But the new moon day can not be 100% proven from scripture or history for that matter. And even if it was able to be 100% verified, it can not be verified how to actually keep the Sabbath day. You won’t find many sites as well researched as this one is on the lunar Sabbath. But check out my other page of how Jesus is now our Sabbath rest. As well researched as this site is on the lunar Sabbath, it’s based on a false premise. So the only value it has is historical accuracy. 

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: Gen. 1:14 (The word “seasons” is from Strong’s#4150, mow’ed, meaning “appointed time,” “meeting,” or “set feast.” This is the same word used in Lev. 23:2 to describe God’s appointed feasts which were “sacred assemblies.” These “sacred assemblies” were the Sabbath day, along with the annual holy days. The moon was appointed to tell us the time of God’s assemblies.)

He appointed the moon for seasons
: the sun knoweth his going down. Psalm 104:19(Again the word seasons comes from “mow’ed.” So the moon was appointed to tell us what day God’s sacred assemblies were which includes the 7th day Sabbath.)

Ezekiel DISPROVES The Saturday Sabbath - The fastest, easiest, and most simplistic way to disprove the Saturday Sabbath is to disprove the continuous weekly cycle myth. Ezekiel destroys this with one single verse and Saturday Sabbath keepers have no rebuttal for it.

The International Date Line PROVES Lunar Sabbath - The international date line destroys the Saturday Sabbath and shows that the lunar Sabbath is the only logical alternative. If you're a common sense kind of person, than this is the page for you.

3 Consecutive Months PROVES Lunar Sabbath - If it were shown that the Sabbath day was on the same day of the month for 3 consecutive months, this would not only disprove the continuous weekly cycle, but it would prove lunar Sabbaths. Not only that, the Sabbath was still on the same day of the month 40 years later, and still on the same day of the month 100's of years later than that. This can only be so under a lunar calendar.

Date Of Christ's Death PROVES Lunar Sabbaths - A Saturday Sabbath REQUIRES** a Friday Passover in 31 AD, the proven year of Christ's death. The problem is, that it can be proven that Passover in 31 AD was NOT a Friday. The lunar Sabbath is the only way to harmonize the facts.

Jewish Writings PROVE Lunar Sabbaths - Most Jews simply follow the traditions handed down to them by the Jewish leaders. But the Jewish leaders make some staggering confessions. The Jews clearly kept the correct Sabbath day during the time Christ lived on earth. So what do the historical writings of prominent Jewish leaders reveal about the reckoning of the true Sabbath during that time period? Following the tradition of the Jews today may not be such a great idea after all.

Count To Pentecost PROVES Lunar Sabbaths - Part of what Pentecost is a memorial of is the giving of the law at Sinai. The ONLY way to count to Pentecost and arrive at the same exact day that Moses gave the law to the Israelites is to use the lunar Sabbath.

Pentecost PROVES Lunar Sabbath - It is said that the Pharisees and Sadducees disagreed on the count to Pentecost because they counted it from 2 different days. Yet in Acts 2, Pharisees, Sadducees, and everyone else were all together in one accord on Pentecost. There was no dispute over the day or the count. What does this reveal about the calendar and how the Sabbath day is reckoned?

Passover PROVES Lunar Sabbaths - Passover occurs every year and has fixed days of the month that are work days. Only the lunar Sabbath will accommodate all the requirements of Passover so as to not work on a weekly Sabbath. 

Postponements PROVE Lunar Sabbaths - Because the Jews divorced the week from the moon back in the 4th century, the Sabbath began to land on commanded work days, new moons, and other inconvenient days. So the Jews created "postponements" to account for this. What does this reveal in regards to how God reckons his true 7th day of rest?

Daniel PROVES Lunar Sabbath - Daniel lived in Babylon and prophesied of the little horn changing the set times in the future. Therefore the set times were unchanged during Daniel's day in Babylon. So what were the set times of Babylon and can that reveal further truths from the true creation calendar?

The Dead Sea Scrolls PROVE Lunar Sabbaths - The dead sea scrolls reveal 2 calendars at play in its writings. See for yourself if any logical conclusion can be drawn in regards to how the true Sabbath day was reckoned during the time of Christ. 

Jericho March PROVES Lunar Sabbaths - Joshua and the Israelites marched around Jericho for 7 consecutive days by God's command. Only the lunar Sabbath allows them to do this without breaking the Sabbath.

Jubilee Year PROVES Lunar Sabbaths - The Jubilee year breaks the cycle of 7 times 7 Sabbath years just like the new moon breaks the cycle of weekly Sabbaths. This gives us a pattern from which to draw from. What else can the Jubilee year reveal? 

The 8 Days Of Creation PROVES Lunar Sabbaths - What? Everyone knows that God created everything in 7 days. Say it ain't so! Let's take one more closer examination at this and see what really happened.

The Roman 8 Day Week DISPROVES The Saturday Sabbath - Let's think about this for a second. 

Lunar Sabbath Frequently Asked Questions - Lunar Sabbaths is a hard concept to grasp because most people are so unfamiliar with the concept. On top of that, there is not a lot of good information out there on it. There is however plenty of misinformation out there on the subject. So hopefully this page can clear up some of the details.

When Does A Month Begin? - The month begins with a new moon. But what is a new moon? When is the new moon? Why is the new moon important? Click on the link and find out.

When Does A Year Begin? - If you want to observe the feasts in their proper time, you may want to make sure you are in the correct month. It's easy to know when the year begins. Let's take a look.

When Does A Day Begin? - Much confusion is caused due to the tradition of the Jews and assumption of others that a biblical day begins at sunset. I will PROVE that it begins at sunrise and why it's important.

The Sign Of Jonah - The sign of Jonah represents the fact that Christ spent 3 days and 3 nights in burial. I will show the break down of this from the perspective of all the other fine details from this site.

Ezekiel's 13th Month - The Book of Ezekiel conclusively reveals a 13th month. This shows that not only did Ezekiel follow God's luni-solar calendar, but it also shows that Bible prophecy and dates use the luni-solar calendar.
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