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- Evangelical Universalism


All people and all things will be reconciled to God through Christ to eternal salvation. They believe that God's sovereignty can not be thwarted by giving man libertarian free will. They believe that all of mankind will eventually come to Christ and be saved. They do believe in the punishment of the unbelievers, but that it is corrective with an objective towards repentance, and not forever. And most importantly, the beliefs are held based on the full council of scripture from the word of God.

Immediate Objections 

1) Universalism minimizes sin as well as the holiness and justice of God - You will not see sin being minimized or ignored at all here. Jesus had to empty himself of his divinity to become a man and die a horrible death to redeem us. Also punishment of the unbelievers is affirmed. It is just not believed to be eternal, and is believed to be corrective towards repentance. God always has the sinners repentance and restoration in view when administering judgment. This will be shown with scripture as the ultimate and final authority.
2) Repentance and acceptance of Jesus is required for salvation - Universalism affirms this and is in complete agreement. The difference is that they believe in post mortem salvation.
3) The Bible does not support Universalism  - All verses that seem to support this statement will be addressed with proper context. And it will be shown that the Bible does support universal reconciliation in Christ.
4) If God saves all men, then why not just live it up? - The underlying question is this: Who would want to serve such a God except by fear? The implication is that men are all so revolted by the idea of serving God that no one would actually do so without being threatened by the most extreme punishment ever devised. But again discipline from God is not something to take lightly. That's like saying all children should just live it up in rebellion of their parents because they will always love them. Yes the parent will always love them, but because they love them, they discipline their children for repentance, correction, and right living so that they will ultimately receive the joy of right living.

Post Mortem Salvation - Everybody knows that we are all appointed to die once and then comes the judgment. So no salvation after death. Right?

The Case For Universalism - You will be shocked at the number of verses that tell us that all people will be saved. But we never see it because of our presuppositions.

The 2nd Death And Justification - Everyone knows about the death that comes at the end of our life, so what is the 2nd death? And how is justification related? This is super important!!!

Fire, Judgment, And Sanctification - What does fire represent? What is the judgement? And how does all this tie into sanctification? This page will blow you away!!!

Baptism And The Lake Of Fire - Both have water and fire. Is there a connection? Is it good or bad? Let's continue to uncode the figurative language of scripture.

Universalism: Answering The Critics - There is no shortage of critics. But what is important to understand, whether you agree or not, is what the responses are toward these critics.

Universalism Vs Calvinism/Arminianism - What separates Christian universalism from these other schools of thought that are most popular? It's not as much as you might think.