Dispensational Premillennialism

Dispy Premil has one thing going for it, that is the Premil part. The Dispy part is where all the baggage is at. Unfortunately many will reject Premil altogether because of all that Dispy baggage. Historic Premil gets forgotten about as an alternative option. But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. There is a reason why Premil is split into 2 camps. 

There 2 primary presuppositional arguments, that if true, then Dispy Premil is false. 

Presupposition #1 - Historicism - First, the Historicist view of prophecy and the book of Revelation advocated on this site, if true, is an incompatible position with Dispy Premil. Dispy’s are exclusively futurists which goes against the biblical Historicist view of Revelation taught on the following page: Historicist View Of Revelation.

Presupposition #2 - Covenant Theology - Secondly, the teaching of Covenant Theology. I prefer the name “expansion theology” because it emphasis the fact that only the unbelieving Jews were cut off, and the Gentiles were grafted in. The root or the vine is still Jesus who is the true Israel of God. They consistently use the strawman argument of “replacement theology” to refute the biblical teaching that the one body of Christ now includes grafted in Gentiles who put their faith in Christ. They believe in 2 separate people of God. They believe the modern nation of Israel is central to understanding Bible prophecy. Check out the following page that refutes the Dispy position: True Israel Today Is...

If Dispensationalism is true, then that would mean that both covenant theology and historicism is false. So these views are very much at odds with each other and they can not all be true simultaneously.