The 2nd Beast Out Of The Earth

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2nd Beast = The Jesuits of Rome

1)    Comes out of the earth.

2)    2 horns like a lamb (Rev. 13:11)

3)    Speaks like a dragon (Rev. 13:11)

4)    Exercises the same power of the 1st Beast on its behalf (Rev. 13:12)

5)    Makes the world worship the 1st Beast (Rev. 13:12)

6)    Deceives the world with miraculous signs and wonders (Rev. 13:14)

7)    Orders an image to be set up in honor of the 1st Beast to be worshiped (Rev. 13:14)
8)    Gives “breath” to the image of the 1st Beast so that it can speak (Rev. 13:15)

9)    Forces all to receive a mark (Rev. 13:16)

10)    Also referred to as the false prophet (Rev. 19:20)
  • The false prophet is shown in this verse to be the same as the 2nd beast that performs the signs and wonders on the 1st beasts behalf.