The 2nd Beast Out Of The Earth - Identified!

2nd Beast = The Jesuits of Rome

1)    Comes out of the earth.
  • The 1st beast came out of the sea onto the earth. Therefore the 2nd beast coming out of the earth depicts it coming out of the 1st beast. The Jesuits of Rome came out of the Roman Catholic Church as a response to counter the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. They official came to power in 1798 when they had the commander of the French army, Napoleon Bonaparte, take captive the Pope.
2)    2 horns like a lamb (Rev. 13:11)
  • The 2 horns are the Pope and the Jesuit General ruling together. They dress as priests so they appear as good and lamb like.
3)    Speaks like a dragon (Rev. 13:11)
  • The Jesuits are evil in all their doings. Therefore they speak or do as Satan would.
4)    Exercises the same power of the 1st Beast on its behalf (Rev. 13:12)
  • The Jesuits rule the Vatican from behind the scenes. The Pope is the front man, so the real power now is the Jesuit General, or the black Pope. The Jesuit General rules with the same power the Pope did in the Dark Ages when the Papacy was the supreme ruler. Pope Francis is now now in fact the 1st Pope to be a Jesuit.
5)    Makes the world worship the 1st Beast (Rev. 13:12)
  • The Jesuit General directs all the attention to the Pope, so that the Pope receives all the glory. All nations must follow the decrees of the Pope who is controlled by the Jesuit General. The Jesuits control the military powers of the world. So any nation that does not follow the Pope, they cause these military powers to come against them.
6)    Deceives the world with miraculous signs and wonders (Rev. 13:14)
  • The Jesuits are deceivers. They have performed signs and wonders to deceive in many ways. Their whole way of being is by deception.
7)    Orders an image to be set up in honor of the 1st Beast to be worshiped (Rev. 13:14)
  • The Jesuits have propped up the Roman church to appear in its previous glory. The Jesuits prefer to operate behind the scenes and allow the Pope and the Roman church to receive all the glory. 
8)    Gives “breath” to the image of the 1st Beast so that it can speak (Rev. 13:15)
  • The Jesuits rejuvenated the Roman church in the 19th century giving it life again. They operate in secret as the true power of the Roman church.
9)    Forces all to receive a mark (Rev. 13:16)
  • The mark of the beast is obeying the Jesuit control Pope of Rome. All nations must obey the objectives of the Jesuits. If they don't, economic sanctions are enforced where they can't buy or sell with other nations for their survival. Or they will be killed either by military force or infiltration and destruction from within.
10)   Also referred to as the false prophet (Rev. 19:20)
  • The false prophet is shown in this verse to be the same as the 2nd beast that performs the signs and wonders on the 1st beasts behalf. The Jesuit General holds the seat of the False Prophet because it was the Jesuits who came up with the false prophecy interpretations that deflect blame away from the Roman Popes as the seat of the Antichrist and the Roman Catholic Church as the Great Prostitute Church called Babylon The Great.