Revelation 20 - Historic Premillenialism

Revelation 20 talks about the millennium which is the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth. It is followed by the final judgment and then Revelation 21 and 22 finishes with the new heaven and new earth. The differing views regarding the millennium are primarily due to the premises we establish with other scripture. So it is important to have a solid foundation so that we don't find ourselves in error regarding the millenial reign of Christ. So what is the millennium and when does it occur?
There are 4 primary views to consider. They all have truths within them, but 3 of them are poisoned with error. It is important to be able to identify these errors so that we are not subjected to deception out in the world when we encounter these teachings.

Premillenialism states that the return of Christ occurs BEFORE the millennium. There are two primary views on this. One being the biblical view and the other being false.

Dispensational Premillenialism
False teachings: Futurism, Daniel 9 gap theory with 7 year tribulation, extreme end times doom and gloom, Dispensationalism, 1948 Israel regathering

True teachings: Christ's return is before the millennium,

This view is based on the false Jesuit prophecies of Futurism. It correctly states that the millennium follows the return of Christ. But it incorrectly states that the return of Christ occurs based around a 7 year tribulation period at the end times. Those that say it is before the 7 years are pre trib. Those that say it happens at the 3.5 year mark of the 7 years are mid trib. And those that say it occurs after the 7 years are post trib. Post tribulation rapture would be the most accurate, but unfortunately it is poisoned with Dispensationalism which teaches of Daniel 9 with a 7 year tribulation at the end times and all the false Jesuit prophecies of Futurism. Dispensationalism also teaches all the falsehoods surrounding the nation state of Israel formed in 1948. It teaches a separate plan of God for the church and Israel. So while they have the Premillenialism part correct, they poison it with their other teachings which is why there is a distinction between it and Historic Premillenialism which is addressed next.

*Historic Premillenialism*
This view is based on the biblical premise of Historicism. The Revelation 20 millennial reign of Christ fits perfectly within the historicist time frame. The 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowl judgments end in chapter 16 with the return of Christ as it spans church history. Chapter 17, 18, and 19 talk of the final destruction of the Roman beast. Then we have the literal 1000 year reign of Christ on earth in chapter 20 which is concluded by the final judgment. Then chapter 21 and 22 flows right into the new heaven and new earth. The timeline and flow of the book is important as well as having the proper interpretive model of historicism. This is the biblical view and the truth of scripture. Now that we know the truth and have a proper foundation and premise, we can then exclude and identify what is false.

False associated teachings: Preterism, millennium before Christ's return, Christian's bring in the kingdom, improving earth conditions

True teachings: Matthew 24 fulfillment in 70ad, literal earthly kingdom

This view is based on the false Jesuit prophecies of Preterism. It states that the return of Christ occurs after the millennium, therefore we need to bring in the millennium before Christ will come back.

False associated teachings: Futurism, extreme doom and gloom end times, spiritual millennium before Christ's return, immortal soul, no earthly kingdom, 1000 years is not literal, traditional view of the Catholic Church

True teaching: apostasy before Christ's return

This view is based on the false Jesuit prophecies of Futurism. It states that the kingdom was established and began in the 1st century. It falsely claims there is no earthly kingdom. It states the 1st resurrection is an "intermediate state" in heaven as a disembodied soul in which we reign with Christ in heaven.