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- Laying The Foundation

I believe the Bible tells us more truths than most people realize. I don't believe the Bible contradicts itself, and if it seemingly does contradict, then we have mistranslated or misinterpreted something and need to find a way for all of scripture to be in harmony with each other. Satan creates great deceptions by merely twisting scripture a little here and a little there. Many people bring their preconceived beliefs with them when studying scripture, and so they too often times grab hold of the verses that can be taken out of context to support their preconceived beliefs and ignore the verses that don't fit. If we can approach scripture with an open mind and seek guidance and understanding continually through the Holy Spirit, I believe the truth will be revealed to us at the proper time. 

You don't need a masters degree in Bible to understand scripture, and you shouldn't seek guidance and understanding from any one person such as a pastor, friend, family member, websites such as this, or anybody else. The Holy Spirit is the key to understanding and knowing all truths of scripture. Some of the smartest people who have ever lived, knew little to nothing pertaining to spiritual matters. There is so much disagreement among all the so called experts of biblical scholars. Satan wants you to feel as though the truth can't be known since there is not a consensus of the majority. But I don't seek a consensus of the majority, that is not a barometer for truth. Many biblical characters were scoffed at by the majority, but that shouldn't discourage you from having conviction in the things you know to be true. 

Let's start out with the following links below and form a solid foundation from which to start this journey. I encourage you to read this website in the order in which it is presented as we build our understanding one step at a time.

Truth Vs Unity - Which is more important? Does the priority of one sacrifice the other? How does God prioritize these concepts?

God Warns Of Rampant Deception - As we continue on in our comfortable lives, might we be missing out on a grand deception all around us? The Bible repeatedly warns of rampant deception for our day. Can you discern it?

Scripture Vs Experience/Reason - How do we prioritize these concepts when they are in conflict with each other?

Progressive Revelation - Let's define this term and see why this concept is important for us to be aware of.

Are We Never To Judge Others? - It is so often said to not judge others. Is this biblical? What is the biblical view on judging others?

Grow In Knowledge Of God's Word - We live in a time of unprecedented information and research, yet God's people are more complacent than ever before. Unfortunately we are the lukewarm believers Jesus spoke about in the church age of Laodicea. 

The Power Of Fasting - Unlock the power that comes from fasting. Understand why God's people do this to draw closer to God and his will. 

Apologetics - Apologetics is the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. It's time to get in the battle for truth the right way.