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Become A Christian

Seeking God

Everyone must begin by calling out to God and seeking him with all of your being. Pray for God to come into your heart and give you his Holy Spirit. Ask for God to reveal to you all truth and not to allow you to be deceived. Tell God that you are now ready to commit your life to him, trust him completely, and seek his will for your life in all that you do from this day forward. Let God know that you are now his to do with as he pleases. You are now God's servant and you stand ready to walk when he says to walk.

Repent Of Your Sins

The next step is to repent of your sins. You can come to God as you are, but you can not come to God and remain as you are. You must be willing to change your life, confess your sins before God, and turn away from those sins. You must be willing to submit your life to God, obey him, and honor him in all that you do. Your repentance must be real and from the heart. It doesn't mean that you will never sin again, but your spirit will be at war with the flesh for the rest of your life. You are commissioned to overcome the flesh and persevere the trials of this life by the power of the Holy Spirit given to you. You must "count the cost" of becoming a follower of Christ. You will be hated by the world. You are not guaranteed an easy life. In fact, you could suffer greatly for your beliefs. Are you willing to follow Jesus no matter the cost?

Be Baptized In The Name Of Jesus

Now you must confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You must recognize your need of his blood sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. You must be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ. You will receive the Holy Spirit that was promised to us. You are now a new creation. You are begotten spiritually of the Holy Spirit and you will now begin your walk with Christ. You are to grow spiritually and mature into Christ likeness as you live out the days of your life. You are now a saint and child of God. Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more. Seek God in all that you do and he will never forsake you.