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- Call To Action

This page will set out a specific step by step call to action plan in which you can begin today. Everyone is at different stages in their life. So not everyone will be starting from the beginning. If you have already done step #1, then skip it and move on to the next step that applies to you.

Step #1Become A Christian - If you are not already a Christian, then click this link a find out the simple steps you need to make in order to be a born again child of the one true living God of the entire universe. If you are already a Christian, then I encourage you to recommit your life to God(if needed) and go to the next step.

Step #2Come Out Of False Religion - If you go to church, I don't care what denomination you go to, read this page. 

Step #3Grow In Knowledge Of God's Word - This is so important. This is how we understand what God's will is for us. We never truly end this step. We will always be learning more, but the more we can learn early on the better understanding we will have as we go through life.

Step #4Living In The Spirit - This is what it is all about right here. If you miss this all important step, then you have missed it all. This step never truly ends either as we continually learn and as we live this out in our lives until we finish our Christian race.

Step #5Discipleship: The Great Commission Revisited - I would like to present to you a new way of doing "church." We are not called to huddle up in a building, but to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations. Join me as I reevaluate the Great Commission and what this means for us.