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- The Truth About Heaven And Hell

The traditional view is that when you die, you go to either Heaven or Hell. But is this true? What does God's word say? The vast majority of Christians will have you believe that God sentences people to eternal, never ending torture. God allows Satan to deceive you and eternal torture is the result. God essentially coerces you to love and obey him with the most unmerciful threat imaginable. God is essentially a monster, but it's ok because none of this stuff is applicable to them, so no need to see anything wrong with this line of thinking. Just accept it and move on. But does God really need to put a gun to our heads to have a relationship with us? No, God seeks a true relationship with with us without coercion. A relationship by coersion is not a true relationship at all, which by itself dismisses the traditional teaching on hell. So not only is the traditional view of hell not taught in the scriptures as we will see, but it goes against the very objective God is trying to obtain, which is a true relationship with his people. Yes we should fear God and his righteous discipline, but that is different than coercion. God has his limitations as he can not go against his character.

The traditional teaching on hell also goes against the very character of God. God is a God of restoration and mercy. God is also a God of justice and righteousness as well. He does inflict punishment and discipline on his people like any parent does to their children. But his objective is to mold you and teach you, not destroy you. Discipline has the objective of correcting behavior. Eternal torture has no such objective. God has a principle of the punishment fitting the crime when it is taught an eye for an eye, and tooth for tooth. Eternal torture is not a punishment fitting the crime. God is merciful just as almost any earthly father would be. An earthly father may spank his child 2 or 3 times for correcting behavior, but if he spanks 10 times, 20 times, 100 times, or perhaps a million spanks, we now have overkill and it is unmerciful and without purpose. Now in the end if you refuse to submit to God, you will be disowned by your heavenly Father and destroyed. This sentence is eternal and forever. You will not come back to being for yet another chance. But you will not be eternally tortured. You will be surprised by how much the Bible actually speaks to this subject. See for yourself...

What Happens When We Die? - Do we go straight to Heaven or Hell as tradition suggests? Is there a purgatory as Catholics suggest? Is there even consciousness at all when we die? There is no need to fear the unknown on this matter. The scriptures reveal more than you may have been led to believe on this matter.

Is Hell A Place Of Eternal Torture? - Tradition suggests that Hell is a place where bad people go, there is fire, Satan, demons, and eternal torture and torment. Is this really how the scriptures describe "hell?"

Is Heaven The Reward Of The Saved? - Does the bible say that the saved go to Heaven? Are you sure or is that your tradition talking? 

The Great Fall Harvest (Of Souls) - The agricultural harvest seasons depict resurrected souls of man. There are 3 agricultural harvests each year. The fall harvest is by far the largest of the harvest seasons. What can we learn from God's analogy from nature in regards to the afterlife?

Does Everyone Receive The Same Reward In "Heaven?" - Were you taught that everyone that makes it into "Heaven" will receive the same reward? Is this what the bible teaches? 

The 1000 Year Reign, And The New Heavens And New Earth? - You will be shocked by the plethora of scripture that speaks of the afterlife. It's been in our bible's all this time, but sometimes our spiritual eyes need to be opened.