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- Paganism In The Church

Satan stated his agenda and plan in Isaiah 14. He will counterfeit the church in order to redirect the worship of God toward himself. This is accomplished by obedience to his counterfeit church through deception. He will establish his own holy days to usurp the holy days that God established for his people to set them apart from the world. Satan, fallen angels, and demons always choose an image, called an idol, to possess and receive their worship. Satan, being the brightest of Gods creative beings, choose the sun as an idol that would be the foundation of his false religion in order to receive his praise and honor. The sun was the perfect idol for Satan due to its attributes. Other fallen angels and demons would choose other idols for their possession, but the sun god would be the chief of all false gods, and idols. 

The origin of all pagan practices and religion began in ancient Babylon. This mystery religion called paganism was begun by Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz. Ultimately this pagan trinity is all rooted in sun worship, which at its core is the worship of Satan himself. The vast majority of the time, Satan receives his worship from humanity by deception. Only a very small minority actually directly worship Satan knowingly. But worship is directly connected with obedience. And obedience towards God and his ways is a foundational doctrine of the scriptures. So the question is: Who do we obey? Do we obey God and his ways as set out in the scriptures? Or do we obey man and man's traditions which have been influenced through deception by the dark forces of this world? 

This page is a study of the beginnings of Roman Catholicism and how it is one of the main entities through which the Babylonian mysteries of paganism have crept into the church of God. This is not a bash on Catholics or Protestants, but it is a sounding of an alarm to warn of where these false teachings came from. It is an insight to the workings of Satan and how he has deceived the whole world through a counterfeit Christianity.

Lucifer: His Rebellion & His Agenda - Let's learn about who our enemy is, what he has done, and what his plans are for the near future.

Nimrod: The Father Of Paganism - All false religion traces back to ancient Babylon where paganism was born.

From Nimrod To The Popes Of Rome - The counterfeit religion of Satan, called paganism, started by Nimrod in Babylon, is shown to have stood the test of time down to our present day. 

Roman Catholicism: Merger Of Paganism And Christianity - In the 4th century, Constantine made Christianity the state religion at the Council of Nicia. But what really happened during this momentous time in history?

Is The Trinity Biblical Or Pagan? - Is God a trinity? Does the Bible support this view? If not, where did it come from and what is the proper understanding of the nature of God? Can we even fathom such a thing?

The Pagan Calendar - The days of the week are pagan. The names of the months are pagan. The author of the calendar comes from a pagan sun worshiper. Everything is pagan.

The Roman Beast - Rome is the final kingdom on earth when Christ returns. The Roman Empire has taken on different forms. Who does God point towards as our enemy? Who is the Antichrist and False Prophet?

The Harlot Daughters of Protestantism - Are Protestants safe because they have left the mother church of Roman Catholicism? Was the Protestant Reformation a complete success?

Come Out Of False Religion - God is calling his people out of the false church and into the true church. This means that many of his people are in the false church of pagan Christianity. He is calling them to come out.