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3) The other night I had a very "heavy" feeling as I slept. I was having nightmares and very vivid dreams. I felt very groggy as if I was on some type of medication like nyquil, only I had not taken any medication. As I got up to go to the restroom I felt strange. I wasn't sure, but I kept thinking that this was a spiritual issue, like an unclean spirit was the cause of this "heaviness."  I couldn't help but to recall that when people would experience miraculous healings they would experience a lightness type feeling. So I prayed to God in the name of Jesus to lift this heavy feeling off of me whatever it was. When I did this, this is the 1st time I've ever experienced a distinct feeling of God's power. It was a feeling in which I know for sure that this was a miraculous event. In the span of about 2 seconds, I felt this heaviness depart out of my body and all of a sudden it was gone. I felt light, and all heaviness was gone. I can only suppose that this was an unclean spirit causing this and that by the power of God I cast it out of my own body. I felt this very distinct heaviness leave my body and my vivid dreams stopped.


1) March 26 - Today I met a man at work that was experiencing severe pain in his hip. He was "wincing" in pain as I was talking to him. He had been hit by an 18 wheeler and been pronounced dead 2 different times. On 2 other occasions in his life he was pronounced dead as well. I told him and his mother that someone was obviously looking out for him. He was not a believer but his mother was. His mother said that she has tried to tell him about God in the past but with no success. I asked him if I could pray for his hip pain and that I believed in healing in the name of Jesus. After a short prayer, he testified that all pain in his hip was gone, he could put weight on his leg with no pain, and he no longer walked with a limp. He said that as soon as I took my hand off his hip he felt light headed(in a good way), he had goose bumps, and he felt a warmth all over his body like a blanket covering him. I had goose bumps as well. I told him that that was the presence of the Holy Spirit. He was speechless and very much impacted by the whole situation. God showed up once again showing his power and love toward us in our present day. God continues to heal in the name of Jesus Christ.