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- YOU Are Their Enemy

It was really easy to jump on the bandwagon of profiling all Muslims and making all Muslims out to be the boogie man bad guy hiding under every rock just waiting to strike with a suicide bomber. The media created a frenzy and then got everyone backing the idea of it’s us verse the Muslims. Let’s gang up on the Muslims, demonize them, oppress them, and take their rights away. After all they’re a minority in the US and the people support the idea. Never mind the constitution, it’s for the greater good, government knows best. The DHS has been hinting for sometime now who THEIR real threat is...is it YOU? Well let’s see: Are you white? Are you a conservative? Are you a Christian fundamentalist (someone who has conviction in your beliefs and won’t compromise them)? Are you against gun control? Are you against the banker bailouts? Are you against the police state and militarism around the world? Are you a Libertarian? Do you support Ron Paul? Are you against globalism and in favor of nationalism? Do you oppose the Federal Reserve? Are you against the United Nations? Are you against the welfare state? Do you support the Tea Party? Are you against raising the debt ceiling? If you are any of these things, you then are now considered the enemy.

Once you understand that terrorism is a tyrannical governments best friend, that throughout history tyrannical governments stage terror attacks and/or establish and fund terrorist groups and then blame the act on their political enemies in order to get public support for launching war on whoever they deem to be against their agenda, then they collude with the media to get the public to interpret the events the way they want you to see it. It’s all lies, they know that the average person doesn’t have the time or the desire to search out the truth for themselves, so they tell you what to believe and what is and isn’t true through media propaganda. The truth tellers are marginalized as “kooks.” They fabricate false conspiracy theories to confuse people from the real thing. These terrorist attacks strike fear into the people and so they rally around their government to save them and keep them safe. Those in power gain more power. They take your freedoms and rights away little by little all in the name of keeping you safe and they parade around as your saviors.

This is no different than how the mob works. The mob leader gets his cousin Vinny to ransack the local store owners shop. Then the mob leader approaches the store owner and says he’ll keep the hoodlums from coming back if he pays him money. The mob leader keeps sending his cousin Vinny to terrorize the shop owner until he finally submits and pays money for his safety. It appears that the mob leader is helping the shop owner, but it’s actually the hoodlums helping the mob leader oppress the shop owner.

This is also what a King would do to the surrounding villagers in the medieval times. They would send in rebels to ransack the village and then demand payment from the villagers for the Kings protection. The King uses the rebels for his own gain. The villagers just want to live in peace and be happy, so they pay the King his due and move on. But the King just takes and takes and takes, little by little, until the villagers have nothing left. Some things never change.