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- Two-Party Dictatorship

Duopolies are much harder to topple than monopolies. If one group dominates everything, it can easily be toppled by a revolution from the masses. The people always outnumber the ruling class. But if you have two groups that on the surface seem to oppose each other, but in reality they work together and rule by deception, that is a system that will cause revolution to stand down and allow the system to continue on. This is what we have today with the Republicans and Democrats. They are both bought off and controlled by the globalists behind the scenes. These globalists are the central bankers and corporate heads that are really the ones running the show no matter what political power or presidential puppet is at the forefront. So one party always gets the blame and the people kick them out of office only for the other party to take its place who are also controlled by the same special interests. 

So there is tyranny option #1 or tyranny option #2. The Constitution and the ideas of freedom are left in the dust and not given as an option. So most people will just settle for the lesser of two evils and consider that a win. The media plays a major role in the deception. When people feel that there are people fighting for them, they feel no need to pay any attention. The media doesn’t give you the real news of a free press. It is merely a public relations arm of the government giving propaganda and half truths. The globalists have all this power due to the power they have to create money out of nothing, thereby diluting the value of savers, also known as theft or inflation. So don’t fall for the lies of either party. Look deeper to the true root of the problems of society today. The powers behind the scenes continue on without resistance because the blame is always placed on a lower level group. That group is removed and another group takes its place only to be corrupted by the greed of money once again. 

But if the people take out the source of the elite's power, which is the ability to print money out of nothing, then they would fall. Thomas Jefferson and many of the other founders of this country fought this fight and won, but only for a short time. Andrew Jackson fought this fight and won, but only for a short time. Abraham Lincoln fought this fight against the international bankers and lost. JFK lost this same fight. Since JFK, we have only had puppet presidents unwilling to challenge the powers that be. This is why Republicans and Democrats fight over just about every issue there is, but they will NEVER bit the hand that feeds them, which is the money powers behind the scenes. 

The only 2012 presidential canidate calling out the Federal Reserve, the PRIVATE central bank of America, is Ron Paul. Therefore, you can know by this fact alone, that all other candidates are compromised, except for Ron Paul. This is why they demonize him and his followers as much as they do. He has been talking the same game since the 1970's and few have listened. People are now starting to listen, so the media attacks on him are becoming stronger and stronger. The sooner the ideas of freedom are restored among the people, the less severe the economic collapse will be. And yes, the collapse is an economic certainty at this point. We are past the point of no return. It is only a matter of time. Opt out of the system by putting your savings in gold and silver and other hard assets. The dollar will collapse, and when it does, the consequences of the abuses of the past decades of deficit spending will be seen. You don't have to go down with the ship. Vote for Ron Paul, remember the 3 G's (God, gold, and guns), and spread the word.