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- Nowhere Else To Run

Starting at the Tower of Babel, you might say the people established a one world government against God. The people of that day were not spread out over the entire world like we are today. Most of society lived in the same approximate region of the earth. But God’s plans were far from finished before humanity united against Him. So God confused their languages and the Empire failed as everyone went there own way, at least for a while. The people migrated out on there own from this centralized location and established their own societies among their own people. But eventually all of these societies were over taken by tyranny from their leaders. Greed and corruption always surfaces when individuals are put in positions of power. Everywhere freedom loving people have ever fled to, tyranny has followed. Power has always corrupted and turned into tyranny. But just when mankind seemed to have no where else to flee to, America was discovered. The Roman Catholic Church appeared to have the whole world under its control during the Dark Ages. But the Protestant Reformation took place, this group may not have agreed on everything, but one thing they did agree about was that they were against the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church. The Bible was printed in every conceivable language and the gospel was spread all around the world. God provided a land of freedom to all those looking for an escape from the tyranny. This place was America. America has been a place unlike any other where freedom reigned and prosperity came about like never seen before. But let’s not forget that now that the earth is fully inhabited, there is nowhere else to flee to, if tyranny were to overtake America. You might say that America is the last stand on earth for humans to finally properly govern themselves. America won its independence in the Revolutionary War. But most people seem to think that the opposition went back to where they came from never to be heard from again. But nothing could be further from the truth. The war did not end for them. They just changed from a strategy of force, to a strategy of deception and infiltration. How do you defend against treason from within, from someone that speaks your language, wears your uniform, pretends to be on your team, but has his true loyalties to the other side?

Well today America is the most indebted nation in the history of the world. Politicians have sold out to the powers that be because that is what benefits them personally. Economic collapse is only a matter of time. The same powers that bring this country to its knees will also be the ones to offer the solution to solve all our problems and save the day. But this will require us to sacrifice our liberties for the greater good and to be good little slaves as they introduce a new form of government. By this time the true patriots will be known as terrorists and will be marginalized. We will be strangers in a land that was once ours and there will be no where else on this earth to flee to. There isn’t another America undiscovered somewhere where we can migrate to and start over like they did before. Tyranny will have overtaken the entire earth. And once tyranny has taken hold, it is almost impossible to reverse it. This sounds like something that may require divine intervention to solve. Mankind is perhaps ruining its last chance to properly govern itself. We are failing miserably right now. This may be the only way for God to teach us that we need Him. Without this lesson, mankind may not have ever submitted to God’s rule. Is this what God is teaching us? Will we finally submit to His authority after seeing our failures of not doing so? Or maybe freedom seekers will migrate to Mars and start a free society there. But judging from the past, the results would be the same there too.