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- Mainstream Media Cult

I used to wonder how intelligent people could fall victim to the brainwashing of a cult group. Their delusion stemmed from getting their information from only one source and being blocked off from all other sources of information. Then they would have everyone around them that are just as brainwashed reaffirming their beliefs. Those outside the cult are seen as dangerous and the enemy. It’s a scary world outside the compound and the only safe place is inside the compound. Loved ones may try convincing them to leave, but with no success because they refuse to consider another way of thinking. Rational reasoning and critical thinking has been replaced with what the cult leader says is true. This is when the cult becomes dangerous.

The mainstream media as they call it is what the powers that be use to brainwash and control the masses. The large majority of people get there news and opinions from the mainstream media. The mainstream media consists of all the major television networks, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, major college universities and even portions of the internet. Just like a cult, any piece of news or opinion outside of this source is considered wrong and sometimes downright dangerous. Well just as some of the world is in fact scary, dangerous, and wrong, so are portions of the internet and other alternative media outlets. But that doesn't mean ALL of the world and alternative media outlets are scary, dangerous, and wrong. For the cult member to have any hope of finding reality, that person must leave the compound and take their chances in the real world. 

The same goes for those in today’s bigger world wide cult, they must abandon the mainstream media and take their chances for finding truth somewhere else in the alternative media. Yes, you risk falling on your face and possibly believing wrong information. You risk ridicule and others laughing at you because you don’t believe as they do and they have the majority backing their beliefs. You may not get it correct right away, but that is your only chance for finding truth. If you say, no I won’t leave the compound, I will continue my loyalty to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, or whatever home team you’ve chosen, then you are no different then a cult member refusing to leave the compound, and refusing to consider another way of thinking. You will think and believe just as they tell you to and you will have others around you reaffirming your beliefs because they derive their thoughts and opinions from the same source you do. 

People always wonder how the people of Nazi Germany ever allowed an evil dictatorship to take place in their day. We would never allow that in America. But the truth is that Nazi Germany was not an event. It was a process, little by little tyranny took hold. The media propaganda of Hitler’s day brainwashed the people and caused them to stand down in the face of tyranny. The media machine today is many times more powerful than it was back then. The same evil power behind Hitler’s Nazi Germany exists today behind our government and has infiltrated through to the highest powers of our government. All these evil dictators throughout history are never seen for what they are until it is too late and the damage has been done. 

I’m not saying we can save the world or even change anything, but we can at least see things for what it is. You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Take a chance and seek out alternative means of information, read a book, study history, sift through the internet and discern for yourself what is and isn't true. If you do, you will never look at the mainstream media the same ever again. You will see right through the propaganda and the half truths. It’s not about being smarter than anybody else, it’s about being informed, using your own God given mind, and taking the time necessary to be informed. The masses have gotten it wrong countless times throughout history. Following the crowd is not always the way to go. 

Is everyone in on some big conspiracy? No, although a large majority of the people enable the conspiracy because they are willing to do whatever they are told to get their pay checks and feed their families. The average person isn’t considering the big picture and will always justify their actions. It may be a police officer that is given orders from the top to arrest peaceful protesters. It may be an anchor man given orders from the top to spin a story a certain way. These people do what they are told or they are out of a job or never get promoted. And the less ethical you are and the more corruptible you are, the higher you are promoted when a tyrannical government rules. 

The government may even bring in foreign troops with your own tax dollars to oppress you. And these foreigners will have no clue what freedom is and they will do as they are instructed in order to survive themselves. This is how a TSA agent can justify molesting airline passengers, they are like a squirrel looking for a nut, just trying to make it in this world, so they do what they are told to have a job. With the bad economy, people can’t afford to lose their job and risk finding another one. And doing what the boss wants gets you promoted no matter what ethical boundaries were crossed in the process. The conspiracy comes from the people at the top of the corporate pyramid. Everyone else is just doing as they are told trying to make it in the world. So a society on a moral decline is much more susceptible to this kind of thing as well. But if you ask me, looking outside the mainstream media box is your only chance to find reality.