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- How To Rule The World

If I wanted to take over and rule the entire world, how would I go about doing it? Well I would lobby the government to grant me a monopoly on printing paper money and require the whole world to only accept my money in international trade. Once that is done, then I would print up money as needed and start making a whole bunch of loans to the public. I'd give home loans, car loans, credit card loans, and any other kind of loan I could think of. But better yet I could loan money to governments around the world so that they could spend all the money they wanted to for inefficient government programs and to engage in all the wars their hearts desire. So basically everyone would be in debt to me and I would have complete control while earning interest from all my loans from money created out of thin air. And because I was able to buy off politicians by funding their campaigns, I could control them and have them pass laws that benefited my agenda. I could buyout whatever corporation I wanted. I could own the media and have them brainwash the public, and have them always deflect the attention away from my agenda onto something else. I'd have the media get everyone fighting among themselves so that I could continue on unnoticed with my agenda. I'd encourage everyone to be real busy and not pay attention to politics and economics because that stuff is so boring and complicated. I'd make sure everyone helping me with this benefits very nicely and everyone against me is marginalized. I could go on and on. But you know it's funny that all of my plans only work if I'm able to implement the monopoly on printing paper money. Once that is in place, that gives me the power and foothold I need to do everything else. Oh well that's all fantasy. That could never happen for real right?