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Barriers To An Open And Unbiased Mind

Now that title sounds sounds a bit arrogant, but hear me out. I’m certainly not saying that I have every biblical truth perfectly understood or that I can’t have something wrong. I don’t think anyone can be an expert in every subject of scripture because there are many. But some people will ask, “What makes you so sure you have the truth when there have been and still are today many people that have devoted years of their life to understanding scripture, yet hold an opposing view to yours.”

Various doctrines have varied levels of importance and priority in terms of time and attention spent toward it. 

Most people are not very objective because they are compromised to varied degrees and invested in other areas to varied degrees. What is meant by this? As an example, a pastor is extremely compromised and invested. They have committed themselves to a statement of faith that is approved by a board of elders and a congregation. There are areas of accepted disagreement, but there are MANY areas of disagreement that are not acceptable. So if a pastor is confronted with a truth of scripture that is not an accepted area of disagreement with the elders and congregation of his church, then he is in a very compromised position. That pastor is in danger of losing his job. Maybe he has been the pastor there for many years. It wouldn’t matter. It is much easier for this pastor to dismiss any information presented to him that may endanger his comfortable position. This does not have to even be a conscious thing, as it could be subconscious. But that person is not likely to receive any additional revelation from God in certain areas of doctrine.