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Was Jesus a Jew?

There has been a vast array of usages throughout history for the word "Jew." With so many various usages it becomes an inadequate word in many cases to truly define it's intended meaning.

Race - Judahites - from tribe of Judah
Religion - Judaism(Phariseism)
Residence - Judean - from the area of Judea. 
There is also usage of this word for the exiled nation of Judah which was comprised of not only Judahites, but also those of the tribe of Benjamin and Levi. The word has also been used for all the exiled tribes of Israel. 

I believe Mary and Joseph were from the tribe of Judah. The disciples were Galileans likely exiled from Judah or Israel. But they did not live in Judea. The "Jews" on pentecost were exiles, not from Judea.

But the Pharisees were simply from Judea.