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The Truth About Communion

The simple truth about Communion is that it is a ritual tradition within Christianity completely foreign to anything any 1st century Christian would be familiar with. Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper, has its roots grounded more in Catholicism than scripture. The Catholics call it the holy Eucharist. The holy Eucharist to the Catholic is essential to salvation. They believe the bread and the wine are literally magically transformed into Jesus’s actual body and blood. So sense the bread and wine are now miraculous, no need for a full meal. It would be a lack of faith to require a full meal of bread and a full glass of wine. So this is why we merely take a small piece of bread and a mere sip of wine. Christians today do not hold to the miraculous and literal nature of the bread and wine, but they do however hold to the ritual of a small piece of bread and sip of wine over a full fledged meal. 

The Lord’s Supper was a Passover meal. Christians do not celebrate Passover though for the most part. And even the ones that do, typically they do the same communion ritual after the Passover meal. The biblical Lord’s Supper is once a year on Passover. And it isn’t a separate ritual from the meal. It is the meal itself.