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Masterbation Is Not Sin

The Bible has little to say in regards to the subject of masterbation. It never uses the word as to specifically mention it. It never condemns the act declaring it a sin and requiring a sacrifice for remission of sin. The Bible does list a whole host of sexual sins, but masterbation is not among them. The following passage in Leviticus is the most direct reference we have.

Leviticus 15:16-19 “ ‘When a man has an emission of semen, he must bathe his whole body with water, and he will be unclean till evening. Any clothing or leather that has semen on it must be washed with water, and it will be unclean till evening. When a man has sexual relations with a woman and there is an emission of semen, both of them must bathe with water, and they will be unclean till evening. “ ‘When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening.

To enter into the holy place before God you must be considered clean. It is not a sin to be unclean. But to stand before God there is a higher standard. 
1) man has emission of semen, an orgasm, ejaculation
2) man has same emission but this time involving a woman 
3) woman has her monthly period
Now a woman having her monthly period is not a sin, but it does make her temporarily unclean. A man having sex with his wife is not a sin, but that also makes him temporarily unclean. But the 1st part makes it a point to make a distinction between an ejaculation involving a woman and an ejaculation not involving a woman. That only leaves oneself to initiate the orgasm. This my friends is called masterbation. If there involved another man or beast to help initiate the orgasm then that is homosexuality and beastiality which is specifically condemned in the Bible. So this is an orgasm only with oneself. And while it does make you temporarily unclean, it is not a sin because it is listed along side things that are also not a sin. It is also not a "wet dream" or a nocturnal emission because that is listed in a different manner elsewhere in scripture.

Deuteronomy 23:9-11 When you are encamped against your enemies, keep away from everything impure. If one of your men is unclean because of a nocturnal emission, he is to go outside the camp and stay there. But as evening approaches he is to wash himself, and at sunset he may return to the camp.
Here we see a wet dream reference in scripture and it is a different phrasing and Hebrew wording than the one in Leviticus 15. So if Levitus 15 was referring to a nocturnal emission than it would have been phrased the same way. Either way though I'm not convinced it really even matters anyways. But again, no condemnation on this in the Bible. 

The verse in Deuteronomy goes on to explain how they need to bury their excrement when relieving themselves so as nothing indecent or unholy is before God. Should we consider it a sin to take a piss or take a dump? Of course not. Is it shameful to go to take a dump? Do we take a dump out in public or in private? It is the same with masterbation. Humans need to relieve themselves with seminal emissions just the same as they need to relieve themselves going to the bathroom, perhaps just not as often depending on sexual drive. Humans also experience hunger and must relieve themselves by eating food every so often as well. Eating food can be pleasurable just as relieving yourself to go to the bathroom or having an orgasm. It is not sinful unless we utilize this in ways that God forbids. He never once forbids masterbation.

We can over indulge in masterbation just as we can over indulge in eating. We call that gluttony.