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The New World Order

What is the New World Order? 

The New World Order is a vague term by the powers that be in this world to establish a one world government and one world religion. The evidence of its existence is simply overwhelming. It is composed of a jumbled web of diverse organizations and secret societies. These groups formulate a shadow world government that imposes its power over the visible national governments of this world, the big corporations of the world, the mass media of this world, and the religions of this world. They operate by deceit and infiltration. They present themselves as a friend to whatever group they infiltrate, yet hold a higher allegiance to their cause. They are composed of multiple layers of front groups so as to protect the higher ranking groups. The high ranks work in the shadows behind the scenes while the lower ranking groups take the fall if anything goes wrong. The New World Order is a massive global conspiracy orchestrated by Satan and his demons to enslave mankind and establish dominion over all the earth. This conspiracy has played itself out over the course of history and we are finally coming toward the end time when Christ returns and overthrows these kingdoms of the earth that Satan controls.

Who is the New World Order?

The people behind the New World Order are rooted in the ancient serpent seed-line established back in the garden of Eden. The serpent seed begot Cain and his descendants after him the Kenites, who exist to this day within modern Jewry. Esau despised his birthright and married into the Canaanite tribes which doomed his seed-line called the Edomites, which also exist to this day within modern Jewry. These Kenite and Edomite peoples within modern Jewry are the vessels within mankind through which Satan works. They are Satan's children which run his kingdom here on earth. The Jesuits who are prophesied to rule the world in the book of Revelation when Christ returns are made up of these Jews called cripto-Jews because they make themselves appear as Catholic. Ultimately their god is Satan whom they serve and obey. So the Jesuits of Rome rule the world and The New World Order through the Roman Catholic Church, but they are Kenite/Edomite crypto-Jews by race who are the children and bloodline of the serpent seed of Satan and Cain.

Organizations and Secret Societies:
The Jesuits
The Illuminati
The Freemasons
The United Nations
House of Rothchild
The Bilderburg Group
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission
The Federal Reserve Bank
The World Bank
Knights Templar
The Mass Media
The Music Industry

Political Ideologies and Methods:
False Flag Terrorism
The War on Terror
The Drug War
Agenda 21

Religious Deception:
The Babylonian Talmud
The Kabbalah
Roman Catholicism
The Papacy
New Age
Emergent Church
Eastern Mysticism
Jehovah's Witnesses

If You Don't Believe In Conspiracies, Then Don't Read The Bible! - Many people get scared away at the very mention of the word conspiracy. It has become so taboo in our society that we have almost come to believe that no such thing exists. With all the conspiracy stories in the Bible we may have to label God a "conspiracy theorist" too.