About Me

I am a husband and father of 3 boys. I grew up in a Church of Christ denomination. I attended a few non-denominational churches post college days, but I eventually left organized religion. I've had a good upbringing. I grew up in the Dallas, TX area and I still live in that area to this day with my family. I went to church on Sunday mornings growing up. I went to a private Christian school from kindergarten all the way through college. I celebrated all the usual holidays of Christmas, Easter, New Years, etc. I am just a regular guy living the American life. Until...

I started to question many different things since the year 2008. It was at this time when Barack Obama was elected president. There was a lot of fear going around in the world of politics at this time about what the future would hold. As a new father with kids growing up in this world I became very interested in securing a promising future for my kids. But as I discovered, the future not only didn't look promising, it down right scared me. I was confused and scared about what I was learning for the very first time. I prayed to God for him to reveal to me the truth in all these things and for me not to be deceived. I didn't care what what the implications were, I wanted to know what was true in all things. At this time I slowly began to embarked on an amazing spiritual journey that would change my outlook on life forever. 

My passion grew about knowing the truth in what this life is all about. Religion, politics, economics, and history are all subjects that became very interesting to me. I've found that all these things are interconnected at a certain level and have been fascinated by all the things I've learned. I'm currently not affiliated with any church organization or denomination. I do seek to have community with other believers, and that is one reason why I have created this website. I hope the information on this website will bless you as much as it has blessed me. Feel free to leave comments in any of the comment sections.